A Leading Supplier Of Retail And Logistics Real Estate

NHP is a real estate company where the primary focus is on retail and logistics property. NHP was established in 2006 by the Mid-Norwegian real estate actors Reitan Eiendom AS, Ursus Eiendom AS, Persson Norge AS, Heglund Holding AS and Bai AS. In 2011 a legal issue took place in the company, after which H-park Invest AS and the foundation Fritt Ord joined as new owners. Since then the company has grown considerably in size and from our main office in Trondheim we develop, hold and manage retail and industrial properties on a national scale.

There are concurrent characteristics in the development of logistics and retail, both in terms of their environmentally conscious standpoint, technological solutions and effective use of area.

At the time it became increasingly difficult to acquire projects and sites suited to and approved for commercial purposes. Moreover, the cost of attractive building sites in the larger cities was rising sharply.

NHP was founded with the aim to develop properties with good locations and competitive prices by implementing extensive zoning and development projects.The company activity focuses on transformational projects within the city limits, as well as larger zoning projects along the main thoroughfares outside current developed areas.

New commercial areas often arise from a transformation of the city in which the growth of the city catches up to border areas due to their activity in industry and logistics. Transformation often requires changing the location of an ongoing activity – NHP can often offer current tenants new sites to relocate to.

NHP strives to establish long-term partnerships with tenants wishing to expand and relocate to Norway’s larger cities and we can provide both retail and logistics properties in most larger regions.

The company holds an extensive and geographically diverse retail and logistics portfolio, all of which spans different sizes and strategies, but is primarily centered in Norway. However, the Company has also started expanding into Sweden.

The long-term goal is to become a site supplier to the larger actors within retail and logistics in Sweden and Finland. The expansion of the Company will be concentrated on the larger cities and the populated centers.

NHP’s strategy is to invest in the early stages of project planning, a maneuver which reduces the financial risk as well as retains the majority of the potential for value creation.

In order to succeed in this strategy, it is necessary to have a diversity of skills and resources available inside the organization, so that the project rights can be purchased while the formation of the business plan is ongoing. It is required to have certain specific skills in traffic planning, urban planning, zoning schemes and political/bureaucratic processes.

NHP outsources activities to third parties (for instance architects, consultants). The key activities are primarily performed by resources inside the company.

The implementation and exit of the investment
It is part of the Company Strategy to sell fully developed properties in order to finance new development projects once the price is “right”. Properties with good locations and long-term leases will always be possible to sell. We will consider developing portfolios containing the fully developed properties for a joint sale if it maximizes the value.

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